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A little while ago I was talking to an old acquaintance I’d bumped into who has taken up riding motorcycles. She likes how she can cut through traffic easily and generally enjoys the freedom of riding a bike while the rest of us are in our "cages" (that is, cars). I told her that I generally had no problem with motorcycles, except those few that are extremely loud and sound like they have no muffler at all — you know, the kind that cut through the night, make your spine do funny things, and generally make you angry?

I thought she would agree with me. How could anyone defend those rude and inconsiderate people? But she did and she told me something I hadn’t thought of before that made a lot of sense. People have those very loud motorcycles to make sure they are heard on the road because a lot of us stupid drivers of automobiles and, worse, some truck drivers, have a tendency not to see bikes. Since they can’t be seen by everyone, it only makes sense for them to be heard.

Still, those super-super loud motorcycles totally set my teeth on edge and I tried to think of an alternative. Super loud train style motorcycle horns strike me as a being just that alternative. I know the laws differ from place to place and, if you are thinking about buying them, you should definitely look into that. Still, it seems to me that, rather than being noisy all the time in a way that some people can still ignore, it’s better to be noisy in a way that can’t be possibly be ignored for just a very short time. A motorcycle horn that sounds like a train really would do that and I’m sure could prevent a terrible accident.

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