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Emotional? Get Physical!

When we take care of our bodies, our immune systems are stronger and we are able to resist physical illness. Because we feel strong, we also strengthen our inner lives and ensure more stable emotions. That explains why mood swings can be managed by healthy physical habits – eating right, sleeping at least seven to 9 hours for every 24-hour cycle, and exercising regularly. Building physical strength means building emotional health too.

Aside from these habits, make time for engaging in activities that allow you to feel competent and good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself helps you manage the less pleasant feelings. Try these:

  • Sustain a hobby or a pastime that energizes you (e.g. watching movies, going on nature- exploration filed trips, working on your personal collections).
  • Engage in some sport or activity that you are good at.
  • Find ways to express yourself creatively (e.g., painting and sketching, singing, playing the piano).
  • Enjoy the company of affirming friends.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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