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Your business could offer the greatest product or service at the most competitive rate but if you do not take time to effectively promote all you are able to supply to your customers, you may find that those potential clients simply do not know who you are. To ensure you get the word out about your company there are many things you can do in terms of promotion, from branded tea towels to open days; read on as some of the more unusual yet effective promotional tools are discussed in further detail.

Hold an Open Day

What better way to let people know exactly what your business is about than by holding an open day? It is important to remember that although this is a promotional event, you need to ensure it has plenty of fun activities going on as well. If your commercial setting benefits from some outside space, be sure to utilise it by having a few stands in place for giveaways and entertainment as well as perhaps a barbeque if you are holding it in the summer months.

Promotional Giveaways

Everybody loves a freebie, so take advantage of this by turning an everyday item into a powerful marketing tool by having your logo emblazoned upon it. From tea towels to mugs and stress relievers, handing these out at an event will certainly help people to remember exactly what your business is about. A great way of enticing people in is to package the promotional products in a branded canvas bag together with leaflets and perhaps a couple of sweet treats.

Social Media Competitions

Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook by setting up online competitions that engage your existing friends and followers as well as anybody else who happens to stumble upon your profile. Whatever your business sells, whether it is a consultancy service or a product such as flooring, create a competition whereby the winner receives something of value for free. A social media competition is perfect from drumming up interest in your business and gives you the authority to decide what product or service you want to give away and who you want it to go to.

For an unusual way of promoting your business, why not combine the three ideas? Hold an open day and give away goodie bags that include tea towels or a number of other textile products with your company name printed on them, whilst at the same time raising awareness of your presence on social media platforms and encouraging them to sign up for the chance to win something. Give your business a boost by utilising the more unusual ways of promoting your products and services.

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